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WildFire 1 lb. Firemaster Canister


You may already know that Wildfire 18% pepper spray is one of the hottest pepper sprays on the market. If so, allow us to introduce you to the 1 lb. Firemaster canister brought to you by Wildfire. It is one of the largest canisters of incapacitating pepper spray you can buy.

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This canister is designed to work very much like a fire extinguisher. It is topped with a specially designed spray nozzle featuring an easy-to-use trigger and a safety lock. If necessary, you can quickly retrieve the canister, flip the safety switch with your finger, and press the trigger with your thumb. This is fast and efficient self-defense in a canister loaded with oleoresin capsicum pepper.

The secret to Wildfire 18% pepper spray is the oleoresin capsicum pepper, one of the hottest peppers on the planet. It delivers 3 million SHUs of debilitating heat that causes burning and watering eyes, respiratory distress, and significant pain. Moreover, the effects of this pepper spray can last up to 45 minutes. Just one spray will incapacitate your attacker with ease.

Maximum Pepper Spray Power

As a non-lethal self-defense product, nothing compares to Wildfire 18% pepper spray. The 1 lb. Firemaster canister puts maximum stopping power in your hand with the dispenser capable of accuracy at a range of up to 20 feet. And with 1 lb. of pepper spray to work with, you will have up to 75 one-second bursts of spray to ward off anyone who might think of attacking you.

Pepper spray is an excellent non-lethal self-defense product you can use at home, carry in your car, or take with you wherever you chose to go. If you're looking for the biggest, baddest pepper spray product out there, the Wildfire 1 lb. Firestarter canister is just what you need.

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